For the second consecutive year, the University of Lleida is scheduling the course "Peace and the World, Today" at the Igualada University Campus. The ensembling of peace and global studies will provide a framework for Peace Studies in the following way:


1. We study Peace,
Philosophy of Peace and nonviolence

- We focus on a new and young discipline that intends to focus on problems of a world with growing inequalities and injustices. With Peace, we try to answer questions like: Why do armed conflicts exist? How can we achieve lasting peace? Our courses and the research carried out by our school focus on building the foundations to understand and contextualize injustices and conflicts, being able to think and find lasting solutions on key issues related to peace and justice in the world. Our students learn, with the support of peace and philosophy of peace, to develop analysis with rigor and critical capacity, and apply these subjects to social aspects related both to politics and economics, funding their reasoning in ethics related to social justice thanks to a deep study of peace and philosophy of peace.

2. We study democracy, politics,
and international governance

- The study of political science is an important part of our school. Political science supports these processes and makes a perfect combination. Students penetrate the understanding of the impact of political institutions on modern societies, as well as examine concepts and values used in the political analysis of each particular system. This integration of politics and governance studies with the study of peace allows analysis based on social, peaceful and ethical principles to define the election of political systems, public policies, etc. which must be performed on a regular basis by peace practitioners and supports the understanding on how these processes can change the world.

3. We study Economics
and social economy

World Economy studies, as well as social economics, allow a more ethical determination of the distribution of resources. A vision from the economy and towards peace is becoming increasingly essential since governments apply policies that contribute or can destabilize enormously people's everyday life. In the same way, understanding the impact of the economy can help diminish the great injustices and inequalities that exist in today's world, creating lasting and structural positive peace.

4. We study identities
and migrations

In recent years, multiculturalism and national identities, and also masses of population movements have created important debates all over the world. From Palestine to the biggest humanitarian movements of the wars in Afghanistan, to today's Siria, migrations are becoming one of the important sources of world inequalities. Since identity is part of the human being and migrations of people, communities, ideas, and mentalities is central to our changing world, it is central for us to address from a peaceful and multicultural perspective how contemporary debates can deal from a peaceful ethics to this relevant source of inequalities and world conflicts.


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