Hannah Arendt: “The force and the violence are opposed to the real force that maintains a community of united people.”

Peace and the world, today 2019

Specialization Course

Understanding the global world is one of the essential dynamics of contemporary life.

Nowadays, words such as humanitarian crisis, refugees, genocide and violence appear and reappear in the headlines of the newspapers.

Build your present and your future by spending the summer at the School of Peace and Global Studies (Igualada - Barcelona). We introduce you to an innovative and stimulating course on peace, governance, political violence, conflict resolution and nonviolence, with world class thinkers that will help you to continue investigating and deepening into the knowledge of peace, in national and internacional conflicts.
COURSE CURRICULUM: 1. Governance and Theories of Democracy. From the Polity to Habermas. 2. International Economy and The Global World. 3. Migrations, Religion, Identity and Conflict. 4. The Spanish Civil War in Catalonia and the Current Nonviolent Conflict, Today. 5. Nonviolent Theories and Civil Resistance. 6. Liberal Peacebuilding, Neoliberal Statebuilding, Postliberalism and Peace Formation. 7. The Arab Uprising: Resistance, Revolutions and War

How long is the course? 1st to 12th July 2018 (including Saturday 6th July - Field Trip). From 9:00a.m. to 18:30p.m. (1,30 hour lunch break) Morning Lectures - Afternoon Workshops - Evening Documentaries

How many credits (ECTS) 8 ECTS - Universitat de Lleida (90 hours of Class - 60 hours of personal work) 150 Total hours (Final Short Dissertation)

Entry requirements. Minimum BA Second Year (Our students are normally final-year to postgraduates) Or Professional Experience in Conflict and Related Fields. English B2 /TOEFL 85/ or proof of Level (having followed University studies in English) (Lectures in English/ Catalan/ Spanish with translation)

What does it cost. 500 Eur - Registration Fees (Discounts for Early Birds until 30th April) (Special discounts to students from some international universities, and Rotary Club. For more info please visit: http://www.igualadaschoolofpeace.cat)

Title. Certificate of Specialization issued by the University of Lleida.


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